The verdict is in!

Practical, challenging and optimistic

That’s how one of the delegates at last week’s symposium described the event.

Another has written on her blog:

I left [the symposium] with butterflies in my tummy. Partly because the speakers were great and inspiring. But partly because it made me realize just how many different ways I could use this PhD when I finish. I often wonder what I want to be when I ‘grow up’. I would love to work in museums, in education, in academia, archives, libraries. After coming back from my fellowship at the V&A, I have felt fairly certain that museums are in my future. But the symposium made me realize there are lots of other exciting ways to bring research to broader audiences: Public history writing and presenting, documentaries on TV or radio, historical fiction and of course social media.

And delegate Rebecca Hawkings emailed this today:

Also wanted to let you both know that the draft op-ed I wrote for the Writing Workshop of the symposium has just been published online at the Australian Policy & History Network. The reason it got published is entirely because of the great feedback and encouragement I received at the workshop, so thank you so much for facilitating that!

Read Rebecca’s op-ed here.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting reports from every session, podcasts, photographs and video capturing all the action of what was a fantastic two days of creative capacity building.  Stay tuned!


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