A Few of the Faces at HistMedia13

Here are just some of the people who generously gave of their time and expertise to make the Presenting the Past symposium so stimulating and enjoyable.


Essential Media’s Head of Factual Alan Erson and producer Alice Ford from WTFN on the Television Panel.



Professor Iain McCalman speaks his mind.

“We cannot keep on writing books or journal articles in the same way and expect to get an audience.”

Iain McCalman




Co-convenor Dr Tanya Evans introduces Professor Ann Curthoys.

“Tell your own story. Be aware of others’ stories.”

Ann Curthoys




Chris Masters workshops intensively with delegates in the Presenting Masterclass.



Head of Documentaries at SBS, Joseph Maxwell, talks to delegates at morning tea.






Professor Ann Curthoys and journalist Ray Cassin reflect during the final plenary, ‘What is the  Future for Presenting the Past?’

“The good news is there is huge interest out there for history.  The bad news is how to bust the myths.”

Ray Cassin




Radio National’s Michelle Raynor chairs the Radio panel.

“Radio is such a wonderful medium for empathy.”

Dr Tom Murray




Award-winning radio documentary maker Dr Siobhan McHugh.



Academic historians and film makers on the Crossing Over panel, chaired by television producer Alex West.

“The future is good if you want to take risks and grim if you don’t”. Rachel Landers




Producers Mike Bluett (Northern Dogs) and Lucy Maclaren (Renegade Films) workshop the skill of performance.

“Can a professional academic historian make the transition to storytelling?”

Mike Bluett




Social and Digital Media panellists, chaired by The Conversation’s Sunanda Creagh.

“Historians – you need to have a publicity plan and you need to have it now, no matter what stage of research you are.”

Yvonne Perkins


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