Australian History Now launched at HistMedia13


Australian History Now, edited by Anna Clark and Paul Ashton (NewSouth, 2013)

We were thrilled to be able to host the launch of Australian History Now at the Symposium on Tuesday 10 September in the Mitchell Library.

HistMedia13 delegates and speakers joined with other well-wishers to celebrate the publication of this wonderful new book.  Containing amusing, enlightening and often moving essays by 17 of Australia’s most prominent and emerging historians (including several who spoke at the symposium), Australia History Now is anything but a textbook read. Editors Anna Clark and Paul Ashton have coaxed their contributors into providing heartfelt and revealing accounts of historians practising their craft.

A chapter outline is here.

ImageAustralian history has changed drastically over the last fifty years and has found itself at the centre of heated and consuming public debates. 

So how do historians themselves read this history? Where do they see themselves in these momentous shifts in historical reading and writing? With contributions from prominent historians including Marilyn Lake, Tom Griffiths, Peter Stanley and Ann Curthoys, Australian History Nowoffers revealing and refreshing accounts of the ways Australian historians think about the nation’s past.

Australian History Now is an engaging and often surprising introduction to the ways we understand and write our history in academic, popular and school books, argue about it in the media, present it in museums and watch it on television. At its heart it shows that the way we remember our past reflects how we see ourselves in the present.

UTS historian Mary Spongberg navigated a panel discussion with Anna Clark, Paul Ashton and NewSouth publisher Phillipa McGuinness.

IMG_1956 IMG_1959 IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1960

You can order a copy of Australian History Now here.



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